Experience is what sets us apart.

We complete dozens of Android Phone repairs every single day. That means our skills are being refined to a fine art with each repair, developing the knowledge to perform repairs faster and more effectively than ever before.

Most issues need a quick easy and straightforward repair, repairs we have completed hundreds of times before. Every now and then a new problem comes along, and we work our hardest to get every device back into action, developing more skills and expanding our offerings. In the rare case we can’t repair a device, we return it free of charge.

Water Damage

Our technicians are miracle workers when it comes to water damage.

Battery Replacements

We can help get your Android back to new, with a battery replacement there will be no need to carry your charger everywhere you go.

Speaker Repairs

Fed up with having a muffled speaker? We perform speaker and microphone repairs every day.

Screen Repairs

Screen replacements can be performed quickly and affordably.

Port Repairs

From charging issues to connectivity problems, we have you covered.

Wifi Connectivity

Poor connectivity can often be a result of a faulty antenna, we can get your Android phone back to full strength.

Repairs in a Day.

At The OEM Store we understand how important your phone can be for your daily life, and even more important for your safety. That is why we do our best to repair your device as quickly as possible. In almost all cases this means your phone will be returned to you within the day.

When this is not possible we will let you know and give you options whilst we wait for different parts from our high-quality manufacturers.

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Trust Us With Your Android

We make the repair process as easy as possible, giving you the opportunity to choose what parts go into your Android.

OEM Parts

OEM parts are no different to aftermarket parts except for who made them. OEM parts are made by the original manufacturer.

Aftermarket Parts

The aftermarket parts used at The OEM Store are of the absolute highest quality, this means you get the same result as using OEM parts at a fraction of the cost.

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Our Service Speaks For Itself

Frequently Asked Questions

Our phones have become a central part of our lives today, so we understand that you will have questions about the repair process. These are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

OEM vs. Aftermarket

At the OEM Store, only the highest quality aftermarket parts are used, this means there is virtually no difference between OEM and aftermarket parts. The best part is they are often cheaper for you! However, if you prefer we still offer OEM parts.

Water Damage

Often people are told that once water damaged a android is irreparable, however, that is not always the case. It is often more cost-effective to repair your water-damaged android with us than to buy a new one.


If your android is constantly running low on battery, it is probably time to replace your battery. Depending on your android model this repair can be extremely straightforward and quick to perform.

Speaker Problems?

Our technicians are experienced in replacing the tiny speakers inside of your android. We love getting them to sound as good as new.

How Long Will it Take?

Repair times vary depending on the complexity of repairs, straight forward repairs can be performed in as little as two hours, whilst more complex repairs can take a couple of days.

What Is Pick Up?

At OEM Store we know how busy life can get, that's why we offer the option for you to get your device picked up broken, and dropped off repaired for only $20.

What Can We Repair?

We repair most android models. However, some parts for some cheaper android phones it may not be worth repairing, we will always let you know when it is not.

What If We Cant Fix It?

In the rare case that we can't repair your Mac we proudly work by a no fix no fee policy. That means if your device doesn't return fixed it will return free.

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Need More Info?

We are here to help, should you have any further questions before or after your repair we would love to hear from you and help you get your device back in action.

Tel: 1800 431 512


1/825 Nepean Highway, Bentleigh, VIC, 3165

1/825 Nepean Highway, Bentleigh, Vic, 3165